History: African American and Booker T. Washington Essay

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Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois were both crusaders of better living standards of the black people in United States. Each of them had different social beliefs which determined their advocacy of the civil rights of Black Americans. Booker T. Washington who was an author acted as a leader and educator of the black American society. On the other hand, W.W.B. DuBois was a civil rights activist, a historian, educator, sociologist, writer, scholar and a leader of the black Americans, and this makes him to be the better crusader of the blacks civil rights. All through his life, DuBois influenced the socio-political and economic welfare of American people through radical literally work with the motive of dealing with “the Negro problem” (Brands et al, 2011).
According to Brands et al (2011), there was the need for Americans to undertake reforms in social-cultural and economic tenets of black people in order to embrace a pluralistic which appreciates racial diversity. Between the two historical leaders (W.E. B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington) DuBois was the better crusader for improvement of black American living standards. He was the first person to oppose the prestigious program of Washington of self help and accommodation which was highly favored by the whites (Brands et al, 2011). Most black critics his actions as hypocritical since he accepted racial discrimination and political segregation.
W.E.B DuBois with his economic and history education managed to conduct several sociological and economic programs which aimed at improving the living conditions of the southern blacks (Brands et al, 2011). Both historical leaders at one point seemed to cooperate on the similar massage that: moral improvement and self-help was more beneficial to blacks that civil rights. However as the years transitioned, DuBois was too much categorical on racial injustice. For instance, he was categorical on the dictatorial control exercised by Washington who used ruthless power for self honor and personal gain.
He protested and provided leadership which managed to improve the civil rights of the American blacks. In his protest and writings DuBois radically purported that, blacks have a duty to persevere for civil rights in education and politics which opposed inferiority, slavery and sentimental education for Negro youth. In this program, the broadened scope of blacks’ rights advocacy contains three basis socio-political and economic facets which give black people: right to vote, education and civic equality (Brands et al, 2011). Through persistence, political action, mass agitation, education promotion and academic writing, DuBois provided the black Americans a means to attain full citizenship rights and improved living conditions. His