Midterm Study Guide

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Midterm Exam Study Guide
The midterm will be open notes, but NOT open computer. Anything you have handwritten you may bring to class. You may bring any documents to class as long as they are marked with your notes.

Format: 2 out of 3 short answer; 1 out of 2 essays

Short Answers will be derived from the following terms, people and events. Answers should identify the term and, most importantly, identify its significance (use your analytical skills to draw out why its important). Answers do not need to be complete sentences, but complete ideas.

Jefferson’s Agrarian Republic
Hamilton’s Industrial Outlook
Industrial Revolution
Market Revolution
Manifest Destiny
Factory labor

William Lloyd Garrison
Frederick Douglass
George Fitzhugh
Andrew Jackson
John C. Calhoun
Abraham Lincoln
Elijah Pierson
Robert Matthews

The Trail of Tears
The Mexican War The Nullification Crisis Medicine during the Civil War (Hospital Sketches) "March to the Sea"

Essays: Essays should follow the same format we have practiced in weekly papers (intro, body paragraphs with evidence, conclusion). Two of three will appear on the exam. You must write on one.

+ One driving question of this course is, to what degree are individuals’ lives predetermined by events and structural circumstances beyond their control? To what degree can individuals change the world in which they live? Use the life of either Elijah Pearson or Robert Matthews described in The Kingdom of Matthias to answer this question. Describe the ways that Pearson/ Matthews life was predetermined by larger structural circumstances. Next describe the ways he changed the world in which