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Health Research Paper

Throughout the U.S.A. pain killers and medical marijuana are used quite frequently. Both drugs are used for many health reasons, like, anxiety, stress, body aches and also insomnia a type of sleep disorder. Also, both are used for recreational use and with this can come many battles of addiction and worst of all overdoses. Further more I will be writing about each of these drugs in which they both have their pros and cons. Finally by the end of my paper I would like you as the reader to decide weather both are deserving to be legal and also which would you rather take if you were really in need of some medication. Marijuana is considered to be the third most recreational drug in America behind alcohol tobacco. About 100 million of Americans have used medical marijuana. Also, through government surveys 25 million people used cannabis in the past year. It’s considered to be far less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco and has good health benefits when using to. But with good befits can come risks to. There are a few short-term risks when taking marijuana and some sever risk.
Distorted deception can come into effect, which goes with is sight, sound, time, and touch. Problem with memory and learning and also loss of coordination come into effect when using. These were all some short-term effects when using cannabis. A sever risk to the body can go to the heart. After a few minutes just after smoking your heart begins beating more rapidly and your blood pressure drops Scientist have also found that regular marijuana smokers can experience the same repertory problems as tobacco smokers do, including: daily cough production, lung infections, and obstructed air ways.

The befits of marijuana plants are extensive, persuasive, and long standing. Cannabis impacts the Autonomic Nervous System, which develops the breath and relaxes the body. Its health benefits are used to help many different symptoms. One is it helps treat migraine headaches. Also it slows down tumor growth by reducing cancer cells. Cannabis is good to use for chronic diseases as well. It is the best natural way to go about using as a pain reliever. The side effects are considered to be far less severe than other pain medications. Another good benefit it has on older people is it prevents Alzheimer disease. Cannabis reduces the occurants of depression, which can help patients to keep up a higher level of brain function. There are different strains of marijuana that help relate to what effect it has on your body.
The two main strains of cannabis are indica and sativa. The two are very different and help benefit patients in various ways. Indica originally came from Afghanistan, Morocco, and Tibet. The smoke from Indica is generally a body type high, relaxing and laid back. This high can be used more as a pain relief. Also, this strain is very good for people who suffer from a type of sleep disorder because of the deep relaxation high the strain gives you. Some types of Indica marijuana are a sort of purple weed and also Afghan Cush. There are many other strains of Indica besides the two I just mentioned. Sativa strain is more for daytime high I would say. It doesn’t knock you out to sleep like a good Indica does. The high from a Sativa strain is described to be a lot more of an energetic and uplifting high. Just like the indica, the sativa trains do work as a pain relief to, but just better to use in the day. Some strains of sativa are Green Crack, Aloha, and Strawberry haze. The Sativa tends to look a lot brighter to, and tends to taste a little bit sweeter.

A patient does not always have to smoke the cannabis for the medication to work. Some people are not aware of this, but you can eat what’s called an edible, which contains cannabis. You can find an edible like a cookie, brownie, ice cream, and even tea. Unlike smoking weed, edibles are introduced to the body through the gastrointestinal tract and processed by the liver