Essay on History: Criminal Justice and Child Labor Laws

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Mya Guerra
Mr. Kelly

1. The Progressives goals fell into four categories: social, moral, economic, and political. Some of these goals overlapped and some on fact conflicted

2. The goals for progressives have changed over time. Socialism has died as an ideal with the fall of the berlin wall. Socialism has been taken over by an anti-capitalism wedded desirable.

3. To me progress is a work of achievement, to gain power or success in a business or life goal.

4. Perception has changed due to the reform under Taft.

5. Inequalities in America such as poverty and racial are two examples of what is tearing this nation apart. Poverty is beginning to take over by uneducated people and skill-less workers. Racial is ignorance, people thinking their higher than one another by the color of the skin or culture they represent.

6. The working conditions of then and now have progressed dramatically, the work area, hazard signs, exit routes, pay, and mostly respect. Respect, you must give it in order to receive it. If the worker is able to respect their boss, the relationship between the two will be at friendlier and more stable position.

7. The press and media were simple to us, but to others it was every difficult to keep track. Newspapers and Print journalism would be a mainstream through the century, but as time passed the development of radio provided broadcasts for the first time in America.

8. The limits of the Progressives were sought increased government involvement in people’s lives for example they saw child labor laws as critical to social progress. But still families were every poor and without the children working it caused such disputes that the progressives were insensitive to the poor.

Women’s Rights

For women, rights were