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Cameron Chaves 3/21/13 Class: A history European imperialism took place between 1875 and 1914. This was a time when European countries took over many parts of Africa and Asia. There are many views on this but I think this should have never taken place. Because of all the slavery and also the pain that people had to go through. The Africans were happy when the Europeans arrived. The Africans went to meet the Europeans and welcome them as allies, but the Europeans began firing their guns when they arrived. There is no reason why the Europeans needed to take over parts of Asia and Africa when these people did nothing to give the Europeans reason to do so. Everyone has something to contribute to society. But the Europeans never gave anyone but themselves a chance to contribute. They had to offer their knowledge of eating, warfare, and their general knowledge of the world around them. The Europeans looked at the Africans and Asians as worthless. This was one of the reasons the Europeans did not give these groups a chance. If Imperialism was not part of their world, it would be different than it is today. Asians and Africans would be much more respected and would have the same opportunities as everyone else. Even