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A Growing Nation, 1850-1900 Summative Essay Assessment
While some argue that industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society because of the suddenly successful steel industry and the technology revolution, it was actually a negative thing for society. Industrialization’s negative effects were that it restricted the rights of the lower working class immigrants and provided them with poor work and living conditions. Steel and iron manufacturing became the core of America’s industry in the 19th century, later in the century the steel industry became very popular and successful drastically improving the U.S economy. New technology changed the way businesses operated and how the workers did their jobs. Technological innovations helped make work in businesses more efficient and produce a larger profit. The steel industry was booming during the 19th century, it quickly replaced iron in the making of railroads which were important for transporting and for general transportation which caused a rise in the rail road market too. In addition, steel was used for the development of skyscrapers/buildings in cities which was very advanced considering the time period. Other important industries used steel in their manufacturing process as well. Companies that produced cars, agricultural tools, and common household products all used steel to make their products. Steel drastically improved the economy by benefiting many other industries. Steel was the main resource that all other corporations relied on, making steel extremely crucial to the success of the U.S. economy. Technology innovations drastically changed how businesses functioned in the 19th century. Mass production in factories and farms became popular because it was more efficient. Farms and manufacturing companies saw more than a double increase in their profits after achieving technological advances that helped their business thrive. For example successful farms used tools such as the combine, tractors, planting machines, mechanical reapers, and threshers, to increase efficiency and profit for their business. Most importantly, the utilization of electricity intensely changed the way businesses operated. In the year 1881, Thomas Edison constructed the first electrical power plant in New York City; this instigated the use of electricity in many factories which helped businesses save time and money. Not only did technology innovations improve businesses, but it also made the lives of the average citizen much easier. Communication was now easier than ever, the telephone and telegraph allowed people to contact friends/family that were living far away from them; this was something they were not able to accomplish before. In addition to easier access to communication with others, now people could travel to and from cities with ease after electric trolley cars were created. Most immigrants came to the United States in hopes of finding the “American Dream”. They expected to find an abundance of cheap land, high paying jobs, luxurious homes to live in and most importantly, equality in society. In reality immigrants were harshly discriminated against by Native Americans and weren’t offered the opportunities they deserved. The