Effects Between Britain And American Colonies

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Tran Ngo
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The Effects on Britain and American Colonies In about seven years, the war between the French and Indian War (1754-63) left many effects behind. These two fought each other to figure out who will be in control of North America. Consequently, it altered the political, economic, and ideological relations between Britain and American colonies in both positive and negative ways. On the political view, Britain gained more power, massive amount of lands, and also a strong hold on the continent. However, the war left a huge debt for Britain. Therefore, they proposed a tax on the Colonies. Of course, the colonists felt that it was unfair that a political body in which they were not represented should tax them. As a result, Americans created their own government addressing the distorted relationship between Britain and the colonies. Because of this sudden taxation, the relationship between the colonist and their mother country changed dramatically. Prior to the war, the rules that forced Americans to ship their raw material to Britain, only later buy the finished products from them. However, with the unfair taxation, mercantilism was soon abandoned when the colonist decided to fight back. The whole thing created a bitter feeling between the colonists and Britain. Americans felt upset and that they deserve the right to be free, settle with the lands they got. On the other hand, to prevent the rebel from the colonist, Britain imposed the