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I know the accusations of Orgetorix are harsh. I myself like Orgetorix, I am actually a former slave of his. These accusations of him being responsible for the migration that began the Gallic War are ridiculous. I myself think that Orgetorix would never do something like that. All of his slaves love him as a master, he never bestowed upon us any type of abuse. I learned over time that Orgetorix doesnt just make decisions off the top of his head, he takes time to make a decision. If this migration to the west of Gaul was lead by Orgetorix then he must have a good reason for setting out that command. He is a smart man and he would have not made this decision if it was not critical. I am not saying that he did or did not do such a thing, but what I am saying is that I know Orgetorix and he is a warm-hearted man that makes the right decisions.
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