History Ia 2013 Essay

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A. Plan of the investigation

The focus of the study is on the event of the Tiananmen Square Massacre and how the Chinese Communist Party government shocked the world. Moreover, the study focuses on the aftermaths and the international effects like how the United States decided how to deal with this violent act or how this event possibly encouraged protestors to fight against their corrupt government.

This research paper will evaluate the extent of how international countries were affected by this event. Ranging from countries such as Germany to the United States, this investigation will encompass the mass effects and influences on other countries. Several of the sources used in the essay, include The Price of Heavenly Peace:
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C. Evaluation of sources

Jan Wong is a Chinese-Canadian who vacationed to Beijing. This interview was about a first-hand account of the witness of this event live from her balcony in a nearby hotel room. The vivid descriptions of her details make her account seem reliable enough to the point where an individual can distinguish her knowledge on this topic. Few people may question whether this is source is credible or not because she is part Chinese.

Thompson carefully wrote his sources to depict the mysteries and after effects of China’s actions. Having visited the Tiananmen Square several times, Thompson writes in his research paper the great, vivid event that occurred that one night in 1989. He uses much data to support his claims between China and other foreign countries. Thompson sees the Tiananmen Square a burden to China’s progress in capitalistic development along with the rest of the world.

China is known greatly for its censorship and how greatly they can cover up reasons that could probably allow other countries to question their government.

Gregory Clark, a former Australian diplomat who focuses on Chinese affairs, wrote an article in Japan Times stating that the Western culture was spreading a “myth” about the Tiananmen Square Massacre. This shows the extent of China’s power to censor what they feel