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Republic: A state without a monarch or prince that is governed by representatives of the people. In 1776, Patriot leaders created republics with democratic features in the newly independent American states because they were suspicious of monarchical privilege.
Necessary Evil: Establishment of sectionalism of political parties
Manumission: The legal act of relinquishing property rights in slaves, thereby allowing them their freedom. Planters freed 10,000 slaves within a decade in 1782
1.Following the Revolution and with the coming of independence, what is the trend toward manumission? As the Revolutionary war began, a black preacher in GA told his fellow slaves the King George III “came up with the Book (the Bible), and was about to alter the World, and set the Negros free”. Similar rumors prompted by royal governor Lord Dunmore’s proclamation of 1775 circulated among slaves in VA and the Carolinas prompting thousands of African Americans to flee behind British lines.
2.In the North and South, how is this trend different. No slavery except MO north of 3630
Articles of Confederation: Articles that provided for a loose union in which “each state retains in sovereignty, freedom, and independence.” Each state had one vote regardless of its size, population, or wealth. Important laws needed approval of nine of the thirteen states and changes in the Articles required unanimous consent.
Northwest Ordinances: Confederation Congress banned slavery north of the Ohio River. The northwest ordinance of