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A.P U.S. History the Ultimate Study Guide

Society and Change Why did the Spaniards begin importing African Slaves African slaves were imported to meet the Spaniards' labor needs More so after the Native American population had been decimated Died due to harsh conditions and European diseases Peninsulares? Natives of Spain who were ranked at the top of New Spain's rigid caste system Creoles were individuals of Spanish parentage who had been born in the New World Why did English colonists enjoy a greater degree of freedom from government interference English colonizing efforts were supported by private rather than government funds Joint-Stock Companies What is the oldest city in North American St. Augustine, Florida What colony was founded by Sir Walter Raleigh? What happened to the Colony? Roanoke Island The colony was deserted No one knows what happened to the colonists Three reasons why English interest in American colonization subsided after the Roanoke experiment failed England was hampered by an ongoing war with Spain Inadequate financial resources Unrealistic expectations for successfully colonizing the New World Great Britain's first permanent settlement in the New World Jamestown, Virginia What happened to this colony The colony suffered from disease to the swampy environment During “starving time” many colonists died because many settlers were looking for wealth rather than planting sufficient crops Suffered attacks from hostile Indians How was Jamestown saved John Smith required all those who wished to eat, to work John Rolfe introduced better farming techniques for growing tobacco tobacco became the backbone of Virginian economy Indentured servants Indentured servants were people who exchanged their labor for passage to the New World Mainly taken advantage of by sons who due to excessive labor supply in England sought new economic opportunities in the New World Headright System The headright system gave grants of lands in the New World to those who paid the passage of indentured servants The first Africans brought to Virginia were treated as indentured servants The New Netherlands consisted of a mixture of people from all over Europe and many African slaves The two religious groups that settled Plymouth Colony were Puritans and Separatists Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded under the leadership of John Winthrop Roger Williams, a dissident Puritan minister, founded the settlement of Providence Anne Hutchinson was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for openly challenging religious Puritan doctrine In the 1630s, England stopped granting charters to joint-stock companies and began granting them to individuals or groups of individuals Maryland was the first proprietary colony Maryland served as a refuge for English Catholics The Act of Religious Toleration was improved in Maryland because it was intended to protect the Catholic minority by granting freedom of worship to all Christian persuasions South Carolina was largely settled by an English planter class from Barbados Charles II granted eight English noblemen a charter for the lands lying south of Virginia and north of Spanish Florida for helping him gain his throne Carolinas attracted few settlers because the proprietors set up a hierarchical, almost feudal, society that proved to be totally unworkable Apart from an increase in immigration two reasons that New England's population increased because Typical New England families had more children than did their British counterparts More New England children survived to adulthood than did their English contemporaries In the seventeenth century, a New Englander could expect to live twenty-five to