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1. I have applied for this position to become a teacher because I am currently tutoring my cousin for her upcoming 11+ exam and I would like to teach more children.
2. I think I am quite organised and very good at most of the subjects I am meant to teach e.g. science/math/history/geography/literacy etc.
3. I think my punctuality is very good and I am usually early before the gate opens.
4. I am quite suited to working with children because I have experience with my cousin/sports leader/working with my buddy etc. My writing is also quite eligible for the children to read.
5. I think I am quite flexible because if I were to be asked to come in I would come and I am usually free.
6. If I encountered a child who was upset I would calm them down and ask he or she what is wrong and sort it out quickly and reasonably. If they were hurt I would send them to Miss Blackman.

1. I would warn them that they would miss some of their break time to build up responsibility.
2. I could ask them to put up their hand more often and ask them questions which I know they would be able to answer.
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