History Of The Internet

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The first workable prototype of the Internet came in the late 1960s since that day Internet becomes more and more advanced and smarter than ever, and slowly soaks into modern humans life, for some of the people Internet even become part of their daily life such shopping, reading, and gaming on Internet. However, many people were addicted to Internet after tasted its function. For me I think Time is shorter than before what I remember. Days slip through fast like an airplane fly over my house which is fast and feeless, but what I remember when I was a child a day should be long and big as ocean which has unlimited water and hard to see through the end of it. However, as I grew older I feel like missing something off a day. I can't even get my job done in a day which is the opposite of the definition of one day for me during my childhood.
Back in 1990 when I was only 5 years old I already got lot of friends and peer who is about my age and we go out to play every day after launch and we meet each other in our secret spot, the oak tree.by the time we all arrive and ready to play would be 12:30 then we vote for games which to play first and last such as sneak and seek, chicklet check, and gases crush. For sneak and seek we use dice to decide who to be the seeker, the one got highest dicer number would be the seeker and person got the lowest number will be the next seeker after first round is done. Oh I forgot to mention, the one who arrive first will in charge for the day such as factory manager who has responsible for the profit and the order of the factory. Glass ball was the most popular toy in my childhood. during that time a cartoon called glass fighter which is basically machine warrior fighting each other they use glass ball instead of ammo, and they got no gun but they got a big hole in their stomach as their only weapon to reload glass balls as well as launcher for the ammo they got to fire at target. It sounds boring for nowadays children but for my childhood there is no other cartoon more interesting than the glass fighters. Therefore the whole town is addict on this subject and so the factory start to make profit from glass. What they do was turn cheap glass into shape of ball and sell them in high price.
A day in 1990, I wake up early as usual not for school, but go out. Because today is beach day. I roughly finish up my cleaning then I put on my favor T-shirt which is my birthday present from my mom and then I use my toes to walk slowly sneak into the tools room which is located right next to my bedroom which has all kind of tools and bucket. Because today is beach day so I grab a bucket and a shovel then I run as fast as I can to be the first one who arrive and be in charge to decide which game to play. The result is I'm the last one who arrive and being set to the team of digging sands for building we planned to build in the beach. It was a fun experience when we slowly build up a building and crashed by waves. After we done with building we start to group up for sneak and seek. Unfortunately I'm the one who got the highest dicer number in two round and that mean I have to acting seeker in 4 round which wasn't my favor character to play however I can't break the rule. After sneak and seek we start to group up for the most interesting game for us: targeting. for the game of targeting we spread 2 group and every one of the group member had 3 chance to use he or her glass ball fighter to aim and fire at a empty strong echo bottle which is hidden in a safe area by the winner of dicer game earlier and the team found it first got 10 point plus the score of the group and the one got most point wins. My group leader want us to spread out to find the bottle,