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Between the years of 1941 through 1943, Hitler and his troops led an eventful series of battles yet blunders. Situations that marked just as such involved the operation Barbassosa, Stalin’s realization, Moscow days and nights, winter, etc, all in which contributed to the underlying progression of the Nazi regime. The decision to invade Russia was not easy, and it required going through other countries as well. Allowing the permission for Germany to take over was never the intended plan neither for Russia, nor for Hitler’s newly were supporters, yet the limitations to succeed as a leader never held against the head man: Adolf Hitler. To start off, Hitler and his so-called allies hated communists, because of this reason, he wanted to enable Germans to become the masters of mankind. In 1941, Hitler planned an assault attack on the Soviet Union located in Russia. During this time, however, Stalin’s union was still Hitler’s ally, and he wanted to keep it that way. The operation Barbassaosa was intact and could not be let down. Germany was connected to the three other countries, not including Russia- thus becoming a concern. Germany invaded Belgrade and Yugoslavia within his 33 division. Speaking of Hitler’s future plans, he created an army group south to occupy Ukraine. Hitler’s generals thought it was too ambitious, but they were too afraid and never dared to voice their doubts to Hitler. While Russia had 20,000 men, Germany had 6,000. The attack was started on June 2 1942 and on June 29 more than 300,000 prisoners were captured. It took 9 day to end what was stated when they fell down. Stalin’s reaction to Moscow had a 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 in aircraft, on September 20 1941 they went into Moscow 2,500,000 million died. 500,000 million were killed or captured. 1,000,000 million made it back to Russia. Half will be executed for working with the enemy. Many stayed in Germany and went on to the American’s side. Hitler decided to move to move in. Hitler used two strategies the Blitz Creed and Pincher Movements. On October 8 1941 rain set in and soon enough it became freezing. The weapons froze and the tanks did not work. On October 24 1941 they were able to capture the city. The second of the Russians on December 4 they were only 19 miles from Moscow, on December 5 the Germans held back through attack. It took 5 days to arrive and the operation was completed in another 9 days. In October 7 Soviet troops were surrounded, and