Causes Of The American War

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1. The American Revolution started in 1775 according to an article written by Martin Kelly an American History expert, it was a dispute between the thirteen colonies and Great British as well. In the article it also explained how the Treaty of Paris put an end to the war in 1783, and colonies were able to gain their independence back. The article then went on to talk about how there is no exact cause of the American Revolution however, it did begin as a disagreement as to why Great Britain acted towards the colonies and the colonies felt like they weren't being treated the way they should. They felt that they should have the same rights as the Englishmen. However, the British did not feel the way the Americans did. A few events that were led to the war were the French and Indian War, Bunker Hill, The Tea Act and the Boston Massacre according to the article. There were more then the few that I listed however, those are just some of the ones that contributed to the American Revolution. So all of these events threatened the Union under the Articles of Confederation, because the point of the union was so that each state had,"its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right . . . not . . . expressly delegated to the United States in Congress assembled." as quoted in an article written by Martin Kelly. It caused a threat because the colonies were not given all of these things or were limited so they either disagreed or rebelled which led to many of the events some in which I listed. They were taxed on things they shouldn't have been, or they were not being treated as they should have been, and they also weren't given the same rights as the Englishmen. So therefore they became angry and that jeopardized the Articles of Confederation, it made it weak, because the congress did not have the power to tax, each state could only vote once no matter the size, they did not have a national court system. So therefore yes, I do agree that the issue that caused the American Revolution threatened the existence of the Union under the Articles of Confederation.
2. According to the Nation Archives document, it took 10 months for nine states to approve the Constitution. One of the first states to ratify the Constitution was Delaware and there were several others who ratified as well. These states ratified the Constitution because they didn't want to give up their state powers. It first started when the Congress switched state legislatures for state conventions of the people according to a document titled, Ratifying the Constitution. They also talked about how only five states conventions had voted in approval of the Constitution. In spring, conventions of the nine states had ratified, which aloud the Constitution to become law. However without the vote of New York and Virginia not all issues were resolved. Although there were different point of views on the Constitution some felt that there was no need for it well others felt that it was necessary for the “safeguard” of the people, as said in a document titled “Bill of Right Institute”. The Bill of Rights provides rights for the people, and gives them a voice and the ability to stand up for themselves. For example, the first amendment gives people the rights to freedom of religion, the press, and freedom of speech which benefited the people then and still does today. People do not have to be a certain religion they can be catholic, christian, Mormon, and they have the rights to speak as they please as long as they do not threaten the lives of others. Amendment three stops soldiers from “quartering” as said in the “Bill of Rights Document”, which stops them from intruding a home without the permission of the owner. This law was created because in those times soldiers would intrude on the homes of Colonist because they did not have bases to stay the night in. So after this law was passed the soldiers would stay in barns, or stables, again as said in the “Bill of