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Medical examination for an Australian visa


This form is for applicants who are requested to undergo a medical examination as part of an application for an Australian visa. Forms 1071i Health requirement for permanent entry to
Australia and 1163i Health requirement for temporary entry to Australia provide further information.

Please be aware that if you do complete your medical examinations before lodging your visa application you may need to undertake additional medical examinations if:

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (the department) is authorised to collect the personal information on this form under section 60 of the Migration Act 1958.
When you complete this form and give it to the doctor or clinic, the Commonwealth of Australia becomes the owner of the personal information on the form. The doctor is required to send the form to the department.

• you decide to stay in Australia for a longer period;

• you later lodge a visa application for a different visa subclass; • you do not complete all the required medical examinations; or • your medical examinations expire prior to a decision being made on your visa application.

You must truthfully disclose your medical history and details of any known medical conditions.

If you have not lodged a visa application and a significant health condition is identified which may impact on your ability to meet the health requirement you will not be provided with an opinion of the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth until after you lodge your visa application.

If outside Australia you must attend the same doctor during the course of your medical examinations.


Visa subclass and visa name

The costs of medical examinations are paid by you directly to the doctors or clinics undertaking the examinations. There may be additional costs if further tests or couriers are required. Your responsibilities

To assist the department to link your medical examinations with your visa application you must write the visa subclass number and the name of the visa you are applying for on page 6 of this form.
For example:
• Subclass 176 – Skilled – Sponsored
• Subclass 405 – Investor Retirement
• Subclass 679 – Sponsored Family Visitor
• Subclass 890 – Business Owner

Outside Australia
If you are an applicant for a visa under Australia’s Offshore
Refugee and Special Humanitarian Program the Australian
Government will cover the costs of your medical examinations. In Australia

This information is required for the visa decision-maker to process your visa application.
You can find the visa subclass number and the name of the visa on the department’s website Completing medical examinations before you lodge your visa application
In some circumstances, the department allows visa applicants to complete medical examinations before they lodge their visa application. The department’s website provides information on where this is possible. For details see You must undertake the required medical examinations, as requested by the doctor.

If you are in Australia and you have applied for a protection visa, special arrangements may apply in regard to the costs of medical examinations.

How to make an appointment for your medical examination Outside Australia
To undertake a medical examination outside Australia, please contact your closest Panel doctor. For details see In Australia
To undertake a medical examination in Australia you must contact the nearest Medibank Health Solutions office on
1300 361 046. You can make an online booking at Note: If you are in Australia and you have applied for a protection visa, you must see a doctor at a Medibank Health
Solutions city premises, not an Approved Medical Practitioner
(AMP) in a regional area.


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