History: World War Ii and Essay Assignments Essay

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Essay Assignments

Essay One: Due Monday, May 20th
Length: 1,000 words (about 4 to 5 pages)
See syllabus for guidelines. Remember, write a concise four to five-page paper on one of the following topics. This is not a review or a summary of the documents. You will only need information from the lecture, textbook, and documents to answer the question; you should not rely on outside sources. The paper must have an introduction with a thesis stating your argument that addresses all of the questions posed, a body of distinct paragraphs that defend your argument, and a coherent conclusion. You are expected to use and footnote from the documents to defend your argument. All students must choose ONE of the following essays and submit it in class:

1) What events, assumptions, and perceptions brought about the Cold War? Who were the “Third World” countries and how did they figure into the bipolar world that developed?

2) Looking at the post-World War II period, contrast how Western and Eastern Europe rebuilt. What events, programs, leaders, or conditions affected how each region responded to the challenges of adjusting to this rebuilding?

3) After World War II, both Great Britain and France had to address what to do with their colonies. Contrast how each approached decolonization giving examples to support your argument. Why were their approaches so different?

4) Decolonization in Africa was fraught with violence and uncertainty. Why? Specifically look at a number of countries to analyze their colonial past, response to it, and desire for independence. Also, consider the European country who claimed them as a colony and the attitude they had towards the country and its people in your analysis..

Essay Two: Due Monday, June 17th
Length: 1,000 words