History: World War I and Vimy Ridge Essay

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1) Canada’s military had a major role in the WWI. Battles like, Vimy Ridge, The Somme, Ypres and the Passchendale gave them the reputation for bravery and determination. In the battles of Ypres, the Canadian soldiers showed their bravery by not backing out by the new weapon that the Germans used, the Chlorine Gas, whereas all the other troops backed out. Canadian soldiers still fought even though the gas was very dangerous. They used many tactics to fight this new weapon. The Canadian military surely had a major role in the war. In WWI, the Canadian military had to face many difficulties. The soldiers were very brave and they went through many hard times. On April, 22nd the Germans released cylinders of chlorine gas. They were heavier than air and sank into trenches forcing soldiers out. The French retreated as a result and left a wide hole in Allies lines. But the Canadians fought through the night to close the gap. After this attack the soldiers had to wear masks of cotton pads soaked in urine so that the ammonia neutralizes the chlorine. More than 2000 Canadian soldiers died in the battles of Ypres. The soldiers suffered a lot. They used to live in trenches. When not fighting, the soldiers lived in the dugouts. Their dugouts and trenches would be filled with water, whenever it used to rain. They had to survive in the same dirty, wet and muddy dugouts. Rats were everywhere in the trenches. They also suffered from various diseases and infections because of…