Hobby Farming Essay

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Farming is not just for those individuals with lots of land or a skill that can only be obtained by being passed on from one generation of farmers to the next generation. It can also be enjoyed as a hobby by anybody who is willing to put forth a little time and effort, so that they might reap a harvest of knowledge and self satisfaction at the end of the season. To become a hobby farmer an individual must first decide what their reasons for getting into this niche are. Are they looking to reap the therapeutic benefits of doing an activity outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine where they can let go of the daily stresses of life, or are they looking to offset their grocery bill by producing fresh wholesome foods for their dinner table and pantry, or are they looking to supplement their income by putting some unused land to use. Once the individual knows why they want to do this hobby, they then must evaluate what they are willing to do to succeed and see their goals realized. The individual that chooses to hobby farm for the benefit of doing a relaxing outdoor activity has the part of getting started the easiest. They only need to figure out how much effort they want to put forth to reach their desired activity goal. Then identify how they want to spend that effort to achieve the most benefit. Some of the ways an individual could realize their goals could be by raising a few pots of flowers on the porch, a small flower bed along the side of the house, or a raised bed vegetable garden in the yard so they can have fresh veggies to go along with their physical activity. Once the individual has figured out how much time, effort and money they are willing to put forth. They are ready to hit the local greenhouse or home improvement store to get started. The individual that looks to hobby farming as a way to offset their grocery bill, put food up for storage, or make some extra income needs to spend more time evaluating their intended goals, their