Holocaust Essay

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September 26, 2012
I watched as the man entered the convenience store. His face was closely shaven and had sleek black hair. I knew he was my target. He also wore a new, nicely pressed, tuxedo. Along with some solid black pants that had been neatly ironed. His shoes looked like dress shoes but they were hard to make out because he was so far away. I had to keep my distance to not get myself noticed by the expert assassin. He may have looked like a nice, friendly, and harmless man but deep down I knew he had no heart or soul. He didn’t care about whom he was killing or their feelings; all he cared about was money, nothing else mattered more to him. Me on the other hand, I worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI for short and I was assigned to take out this heartless assassin. Armed with a powerful sniper rifle, a close range pistol, and for an even closer range bowie knife; I parked my matte black painted SUV in a close but unnoticeable parking spot. I got out and opened the back door and got in. Inside, there were all sorts of fancy gadgets, good thing I knew what each of them were and how they functioned. I pressed multiple buttons until I found what I needed. The computer screen was showing a full biography on my target. His name was Stephen Alex Mason. Why his whole name consisted of three first names, I don’t know. But I do know that he goes by his initials S.A.M. The biography also listed a number of crimes he has committed including murders, drug deals, and bank robberies. After I gathered all the information I needed, I headed into the store to find this merciless assassin. I looked around cautiously knowing how dangerous this man was how desperate I needed to complete this mission. I found him in the back of the store looking at computer equipment. I casually walked towards him and acted as if I was looking to find a new laptop. Then, with as much stealth as possible I came up behind him pulling out my tactical knife. I quickly put the