Essay about Holocaust: Nazi Germany and Living Poles

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When most people think of the Holocaust they think of Hitler, Jews, death, concentration camps, and prejudice. These thoughts are all the truth, but not the whole truth. Not only Jews were persecuted and executed, but also Poles, Ukrainians, Russians, Belorussians, Gypsies, homosexuals, and people too old, ill or handicapped to be “glorious”. All of these people were killed in many gruesome, gory, horrible ways. It started with the Poles. Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. Some people were worried about what the rest of the world would think. Hitler only said, “Who still talks nowadays about the extermination of the Armenians?” His arrogance did not bite him back until many years later. Not until the killing had been done. After Hitler had ruined every iota of their will to resist, he decided to use the living Poles as slaves. Hitler’s insane brain pictured the Jews as cancer cells eating away at a perfect body. His only solution to this was to terminate this ‘infection’. Hitler wanted to kill off every single human of the non-Aryan-ideal. This horrible man even had a name for the people he wanted to kill: Untermenshun, a word for sub-human, or not good enough to live. Even worse, he prejudiced Poles as stupid, Russians and Ukrainians as brutish, and Gypsies as tramps and thieves. He also bribed the press into convincing the public that certain people were repulsive and should die. This horrible man was able to do so- and slowly many people were persuaded that Hitler’s distorted mind was correct. Later, the Nazis completely trampled Poland with absolutely zero worries of people resisting. So many scholars, teachers, and priests were murdered in the first few brutal and disgusting weeks of the German take-over. Hitler especially wanted the priests dead because of their connection to the spiritual world that was considered to be ‘weak’ or un-glorious. Then the Nazis murdered farmers, shopkeepers, students, and elders. In only a few weeks, 3 thousand priests died in only Poland alone. Many were gunned down by Gestapo-police. Others were sent to concentration camps where there they were worked and starved to death. These horrible deaths ended thousands of lives to come. Then, more Poles were killed. Sadly the Poles had to face horrible public deaths like in shootings, hanging and being worked to death. I think the most disturbing is how the Poles were rounded up into wooden buildings and locked in. The buildings were lit on fire by Nazi’s who would listen to the tortured screams of their victims. In 1941, many Ukrainians, Belorussians, and Russians were forced into the same