Essay on Holocaust Survivor

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One of the many important and most memorable incidents of World War Two would be the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, the Germans who were known as the Nazis, considered the Jews to be “enemy aliens”. As part of this, the Nazis thought that “Aryans” were a master race. Therefore, they decided to destroy the Jewish race, and created genocide. The Jews were put into unbearable torture at many concentration and death camps. In fact, 6 million Jews were killed in this incident; however, there were many victims who survived this anguish. One of the many survivors was Simon Wiesenthal, who survived the Nazi death camps and began his career as a Nazi hunter. Simon Wiesenthal was born on December 31, 1908 in Buczacz (Lvov Oblast, Ukraine) and …show more content…
People such as Simon Wiesenthal are great contributors to our community. Even though the Holocaust was finished, he felt the need to take action and punish those, who tortured innocent souls. The story behind any victim is always significant, because it gives an understanding of harsh situations and helps the new generation, be able to redevelop and not make the mistakes from the past. Also, when survivors share their stories, they attain a sense of relief and are able to forget their memories.Therefore, we know that the Holocaust had a huge impact on Jewish people, particularly Simon Wiesenthal, who was able to stand up for his race. The Holocaust not only blamed the Jews for something that they didn’t do, but also decided to kill each and every one of them too! This is what is known as pure hatred, or in other words, anti-Semitism. Due to the Holocaust, many regrettable events have occurred. For example, since the Holocaust wiped out the entire Jewish race, Russia’s economy decreased because they lost tons of educated and experienced citizens. Furthermore, if those citizens had been alive today, we could have had brilliant scientists or doctors who found cure for diseases and other medical experiments.