Homeless Youth Essay

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Homeless Youth

General Education Capstone
October 14, 2013
Homeless Youth
Homelessness affects many youth today; 46% runaway because they express their gender identity, and or sexual identity because their family rejects them, 43% are kicked out by parents also known as thrown away. Youth also take more things literally then adults, so they feel misunderstood especially when they are opening up about their sexual lifestyle. Homelessness in youth is worldwide and needs a world wide solution. Just to name a few countries that have issues with youth and homelessness; Russia’s homeless population has decreased some since the 1990’s but according to Anna Rudnicki the totals are still around 3,000 – 10,000 homeless street kids. (2013). In
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This article shows how Rivers, R., & Saewyc, E. M point of view valid. That both boys and girls are being targeted and sold or forced into sex trafficking just to be able to make it on the streets.
Homelessness is not just an issue in the United States it is an international problem.
In a Journal article by Dawson, A. Jackson D 2013 they suggest there are 50, 00 youth living on the streets in Australia. These authors discussed primary health care issues and the health issues that these youth can contract when living on the streets. “Young people who are homeless experience significant negative social and health consequences including high rates of mental health problems, such as depression and schizophrenia, behavioral disorders and disrupted schooling; the latter a further significant risk factor for a range of poor social outcomes” (Dawson, 2013). When these youth are homeless they do not seek medical help until it is too late, because of lack of trust in the medical profession. Youth often felt too nervous or embarrassed to talk about their problems as well as being afraid and distrustful of the health system” (Dawson, 2013). One way (PHC) can reach youth is with health services and teaching them ways to prevent homelessness, by showing them ways they can get medical help so they can stay healthy, and learn to trust the health system. Also youth can help participate by getting the word out and to” fully participate in a rewarding