Homelessness Case Study

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cultural and ethnic diversity in white eagle residence, affected the result of this assessment in the general opinion of the dominant culture does not represent the opinions of the visible minority population. I believe that the health of a population is determined by different factors. Key Informants Consulted
My assessment data collection proceeded with the consultation of important stake holders in the management of White Eagle residence. Majority of the information gathered were acquired using direct contact and my academic and program participation in the facility over 8 week of community placement at White eagle long term care. All the stake holders in this facility including the director of care, the social worker, program and
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Summary of Findings
Haven reviewed all the information available to me during assessment; it is evident of interconnectedness of various social determinants of health and their effects on the health and quality of individuals and communities. The most prominent determinants of health that are visible in among my target population were income and social status, mental health, social support network, and physical environment. There is evident interrelationship between income and social status in relation to homelessness. In Toronto area incidents of homelessness are on the rise which has a direct link to illiteracy, unemployment and underemployment especially among immigrant population (Macionis, Jansson, & Beniot, 2009). In white eagle residence, there is evidence of untold homelessness as majority of the residents were homeless adults without families, no source of income and under the care of public guardians. Homelessness is caused by poverty which influences the ability to afford a decent accommodation and the ability to pay for healthcare services. Monthly semi-private accommodation at white eagle resident cost $1,731 and the private suite cost $2,436, considering the low income
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There is evidence of community support services like Parkdale community information centers and legal services. There are also Parkdale advocacy group, free dental services for seniors and food banks. However, accessibility to these community programs remains unrealistic for residents at white eagle because of proximity to the resources. My interview with the president of white eagle resident council revealed that their assess to those community resources are limited because they have to travel a long distance by bus to access those resource and most of the times transport fare and convenience of travel because of physical limitation became the barrier (Mr. M. personal communication, October 14, 2016). There was also evidence mental health issues, smoking, alcohol use and drug addiction as evident in the community with lots of homeless adult littered all over the streets of the community with heavy smoking and drug activities. This is evident in the white eagle residence as majority of the residents are homeless people with the history of drug use and alcohol