Homelessness In Sub-Saharan Africa

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There are currently 19.5 million refugees and 38 million internally displaced people worldwide with the number increasing every week with the crises in Syria (“Internally Displaced People Figures” n.d.). In 2014 Africa has about 11.8 million internally displaced people. By the standards created during the 1951 UN treaty for what makes a person a refugee, most internally displaced people do not meet the requirements. This leaves internally displaced people with little help given to them to survive. (Idemudia,2014, p. 1; Akl et al., 2015, P. 1). In 2002 there were 850 million chronically undernourished people worldwide with Sub-Saharan Africa accounting for 25% of people chronically undernourished. Even with the help given to the Sub-Saharan Africa area, a third of the African households still have the risks of food shortages (Haile, 2005 P. 1). …show more content…
Nearly 1/3 of the 580,000 homeless live in 10 cities in the United States. There are 67,810 homeless people in New York City. In the Los Angeles County there are 34,393 homeless people, in Clark County there are 9,417 homeless people, in King County there are 8,949 homeless people, in San Diego county there are 8,506 Homeless people, in Washington, DC there are 7,748 homeless, In Santa Clara there are 7,567 homeless people, in Denver there are 6,621 homeless people, In San Francisco there are 6,408 homeless people, and in Chicago there are 6,287 homeless people. (Canon,2015, P.