Essay on How Anime and Manga Affect Teenagers

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Paula Carmela Pascua
Cheska Andador
Kimberly Lourdes Tina Amper
Ace Estranero
Sheena Ornopia

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Significance of the Study

As we all know, anime is now rocking our today’s generation with their extreme and awesome television shows that shows the creativity and uniqueness of their art. All kinds of ages, young or not so old appreciated and enjoyed watching and reading this kind of stuffs around the world. Truly, Japanese Anime had dominated the world’s youth today. But what are the effects does it brings to each individual person in particular? What are the psychological facts that we can learn? Well, this is our study about. This study is going to study about the behavior and attitude of Otakus or also known as the “Anime Lovers”. We wanted to know the effects of people watching anime. What do they get? What do they acquire? We are going to conduct interviews and research further to know about it. The people who are going to benefit in this study is all of us especially the psychologist and doctors who also studies about human behavior. We wanted to let everybody know how otakus think so that they can understand them. Psychologists and Doctors can benefit in this study because they will be having more prior knowledge about the anime lovers and they can be more knowledgeable to the behavior and effects to the anime lovers so that they know how to handle and take care of this kind of