How Communication Beneifts Essay

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how communication benefits:
- the child
- the parent
-colleagues and other professionals
The child: speaking to a child will benefit them by helping them what they need to do how they will understand it more when using visual things then it being written on a white board, pictures are also a good way to communicate because ifyou shown them a picture with a object they will be able to tell you what its in the picture and whats the object is used for. buliding a relationship with the child will also help better communicate and showing respect to a child will also have a positive effect on communicating with the child.
Parent: you will start to build a relationship through good communication. you will also need to have good communcation skills with the childs parent so that you could find out if they have any allergies or if they are concerned about something. the parents will feel respected and that you value thier children, you gain more of a relationship with the parent if they know you have time to listen to them. Using positive body language towards the parents will also have a postive effect on communication so that you are showing them you are listening to what they are saying. colleagues and other professionals: you need to communicate well with your colleagues or other professionals to understand what they are saying to you, and what you are saying to them. you will also need to have good communication skills when you are passing on information thats confidental or if a parent has a concern about something and you have to pass the information on to one of your colleagues. Also will need good communcation skills when talking about childrens learning development and you will have to pass the information onto your colleagues so they can