How Did Proctor Stand Up Against Society In The Crucible

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Opposing Society in The Crucible John Proctor is a very strong-minded man, who is not easily persuaded. While the town is being shaken up by the lies of attention seeking teenage girls, Proctor sticks with his morals, and doesn’t fall for the lies. In The Crucible, the author, Arthur Miller, portrays how individuals stand up for what he or she believes, even if society has different views, in order to protect their morals. How does one stand up against society? While a majority of the townspeople are oblivious to the fact that the girls are manipulating them, John Proctor does not fall for their lies. Morally, Proctor knows he has to stand up against the court to stop this chaos. While in the process of trying to expose the girls, Proctor admits to lechery. Proctor confessing to lechery …show more content…
Proctor, just like everyone else, has the opportunity to confess to witchcraft, and be saved, even if it is a lie. But Proctor wants to be a good man, he is tired of the lies. “I can not mount the gibbet like a saint. It is fraud.” (Miller Act 4) Proctor says this because he knows that if he does confesses it will be a lie, just to save his own life. Proctor is aware that this is what the court wants, so he backs out of confessing. John Proctor not confessing shows how he would rather die a honest man, than live a life knowing he lied to everyone. He wants a good name, he wants to die an honest man, to make up for all of his other lies. Proctor’s morals show how he is trying to be a good honest man, and not be labeled as a liar. In The Crucible it is shown how some individuals are willing to pay the price in order to protect what they believe is right. Both Proctor and Giles are good examples of this. These men died, but they knew what they were doing was for the good of themselves, and others in the town. This play shows how easily people can be persuaded in a time of chaos and fear, and how individuals need to stand up for what they