How Did Reconstruction Succeed

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The end of the Civil War fixed many problems, but also brought on many more problems. These problems were dealt with during the era of Reconstruction. Reconstruction was the period from 1866 to 1877 during which the country of the United States was rebuilt and united and together again. Reconstruction had many successes and also quite a bit of failures. The government not only had to bring two separate portions of a country together, but also had to fix the country politically, socially, and economically. Reconstruction was a major success, even though there were some setbacks, it brought a country back together.
First, the political success of the Reconstruction era. The 14th Amendment was a political success because the government passed it and it gave all African American citizenship, but the were still not “allowed” places. The First Black Legislature was created in South Carolina. The Legislature people were allowed to send so many African Americans that at the state assembly the outnumbered the whites, these people helped pass laws that would benefit African Americans. African American that were in the legislature stopped voting because they knew no matter what the wouldn’t get taken for their work. Finally, most of the freedmen were protected by the Union, there was one catch about
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Freedman’s Bureau gave land to everyone, whites and African Americans. This didn’t give all African Americans land, to add the African American could pay the taxes for it anyways because they didn't even get paid in real money. The government had to repair all the infrastructure they destroyed when they set fire to everything, but built more, and of course it wasn't free. All the cost of building and repairing, but the cost of the war put the United States into a lot more debt.The government raised taxes on land, this didn't make plantation owners mad because they had to sell a lot of land due to all the taxes put on