How Did Sylvia Plath Write The Bell Jar

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Sylvia Plath is the author of The Bell Jar, she is mainly known for her poetry, and the fact that she committed suicide when she was only thirty years old. Researching about Plath’s life makes everything clear that The Bell Jar, her book that was published in London, in 1963 was Plath’s own personal life. Fiction? ( I read that she had it under fiction ) Fiction is defined as “ literature in the form of prose , or sequence, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people” . What was she trying to hide? Plath’s father was her number one fan , and her mother did all she could to make sure that her daughter would be successful in society, or life. Her dad died when she was eight years old, both Sylvia Plath and her main character in The …show more content…
What i didn’t understand was that she didn’t reject it either. In the book Esther was asked to get her picture taken for the ladies day “ Summer Splash “ and she had hid in the bathroom because she felt like crying and didn’t want to be seen. She thought her modeling job was unsatisfying , but she didn’t say “ no ” , either. She later on gets caught up and becomes suicidal ( like Plath ) because she can’t find a stable place for herself. Her vainness had trapped her, like Plath. She wanted success and happiness so bad they both felt like it would never come. Unable to change the past but had no true intention in the future. Esther is a person who is lost, directionless, dark, and sad but wants to come off as happy… Sylvia Plath was the exact same way. Life , then seemed to be the only problem , suicide the only solution. Yes , Esther survived her first suicide attempt as did Plath , but it only left them more lost and unable to decide at the end of the