How Did Walt Disney Change The World

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Walt Disney was a true inspiration to kids, animators, and adults around the world. He changed the animation world amazingly. At first animations shorts didn’t have color and sound, until Walt Disney made Steamboat Willie. Walt Disney was an amazing man because he used his artistic talents to change the world beautifully. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois. He had three brothers, Roy, Raymond, and Herbert Disney. He also had one sister, Ruth Disney; Walt was the fourth child of these five children. His parents were Flora and Elias Disney; Elias was an abusive father. Walt had dyslexia from a young age; dyslexia is a learning disorder, which causes a person to see letters, numbers, and words backwards. This made school hard for Walt. Walt always loved art and drawing; he would draw on his worksheets in school, and would draw on the chalk board when the teacher was out of the room. He was the class clown; he loved having the attention for the right reasons. He always found way to make people happy and laugh, with his skits, drawings, or whatever he could make up. He actually got free haircuts at …show more content…
He was having trouble making money, so his brother, Roy, flew down to help him. Roy was doing great at the time; he made a lot of money and got married. Roy bought Walt his first studio, they started out selling drawings then they started to make moving pictures. That was called animation; they would draw hundreds of pictures in a sequence, and then film them. It made it look like the characters were moving. Soon, they called the business Laugh-O-Grams. They were awesome until they went bankrupt and had to shut down the business. That didn’t stop Walt from his dream. Walt started to sell drawings to make money; soon they got enough money to buy another studio. It was called the Disney Bros. They made more money than they did before. They produced more animations, characters, and