How Do Volcanos Affect The Environment

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Volcanos Do you like volcanos? What a volcano is made of is rock and ash and volcanos are very dangerous. If you are ever around a volcano and it erupts you better watch out. When you think of a volcano what comes to mind? They kill people. They are bad. Volcanos can be good and bad. In the following paragraphs you will learn what a volcano is, how they affect humans, and how they affect the environment. First of all, what is a volcano? A volcano is a mountain of lava and rock that erupts sometimes. A volcano is very dangerous. How are volcanos dangerous? They kill people. Volcanos are made of rock and lava that is always very hot. There are 20 volcanos erupting right this moment. There are 50-70 active volcanos in a year. It says this in …show more content…
They can make good impacts by helping the soil so people can plant gardens. This is said in source two. Volcanos destroy a lot of people’s homes when they erupt. However, they can help the plants grow out. This is found in source two. Eruptions destroy cars, homes, and everything in their way. It changes a lot of human’s lives. Sometimes when a volcano erupts it kills thousands of people. In all, this is how volcanos affect humans. Finally, how does a volcano affect the environment? In source three it says that “when a volcanos erupt it can do well to the environment. When they erupt it can also be very bad to the environment as well. Source three says how they affect the environment. Volcanos kill all plants in its way. If the volcano is not hitting the plant then they will live. Volcanos do like to help soil source two states. Furthermore, volcanos can help and hurt the environment. In conclusion, volcanos can affect a lot of different things. One thing that volcanos affect is people. It destroys their homes and lives in all. What comes to mind when you think of volcanos? Death? Destruction? Tragedy? Volcanos can do some good too. They help the soil. Volcanos are dangerous. They are wild. They are