How Does Golding Use Imagery In Lord Of The Flies

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Anyone can be a savage, any time and anywhere. In the novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, Jack comes to the stranded island as a civilized young boy. Deeper into the novel, Jack turns into a savage creature and doesn’t think twice about what he does. Golding uses imagery to show the gruesome death of the pig. This shows the theme of savagery throughout the whole passage and the novel because Jack just kills a pig who has just been maternal.
The author, William Golding, uses imagery as a writing strategy to convey the central idea of the passage. In the passage, Jack has a strong eagerness to kill a pig. The author uses very descriptive diction, to emphasize the eagerness of how Jack wants to kill a pig. Also, the author shows how Jack's eagerness to kill a pig shows how he is losing his human nature and is becoming a savage. This is adjourn when it states, “Fifteen yards from the drove Jack stopped, and his arm, straightening, pointed at the sow. He looked round in inquiry to make sure that everyone understood and the other boys nodded at him”,( page 134,). This shows that though Jack knew that the pig was maternal, through his cruel aggression he did not care but thought of killing the pig. The amount of time spent on the island and learning to survive alone, changed his personality and way of
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The theme of savagery is shown throughout the novel and the passage shown. The depiction of savagery of Jack and his hunters can be related to the theme of the book. Jack had the savage inside of him come out particularly when he killed the pig. He realized the capability of his savagery and how it would lead to the other boys fearing him as a leader. The author uses imagery as a technique to point out the significance of the passage. His descriptive language helps the reader understand the gruesome murder of the pig and helps the reader relate to the savagery that Jack is going