How Does Rachel Carson Use Pesticides In Silent Spring?

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Question 1 Rachel Carson’s basic thesis in Silent Spring is to discourage the use of the many pesticides and herbicides that we are putting on everything. By the use of these chemicals, they are traveling and infecting many plants/animals that were not planned. Examples would be honey bees and humans. Rachel Carson is mainly concerned on DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane) that was discovered by Paul Muller. He won a noble prize for the creation of it; this was before DDT was found harmful to the environment and deadly for humans. Carson explains the make-up of DDT and the negative effects of it along with many other chemicals that are used daily.
The title of the book is Silent Spring because the use of these chemicals has silenced many towns and taken away of the chirping of the
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Pesticides are used on your average farms and the runoff is going into the nearby streams. The pesticides that we use today are still not safe, but they are an improvement from the chemicals that we used in the past. At the time of DDT, it was expectable to use these chemicals because they did not know the harm they were creating for the environment. Very soon after the creation of DDT, it was learned that it was highly dangerous. Today we are able to do more extensively research on these chemicals and assure they are safe enough to use. Although, there are still those unknowns that these chemicals are harming our ecosystem in some way, this can take time to learn about. We may not anytime time soon, get away from the harm of pesticides. Anytime you are creating toxic pesticides and putting them to use nature will fight back and try to adapt causing much harm to the ecosystem. We do not live in a perfect world, there will always be harm put on the environment, and we need to find ways to produce the least amount of harm and that would be a