How God Organizes Essay

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God has called a number of individuals to go forth and witness to others. During the time that we are honoring God we are blessed and our lives show God’s fullness in us. It is during times of our inactivity or disobedience that we are found in sin. These to parallels can be seen in both the Old and New Testament and this is still true on today. God bring’s a variety of people together for a number of reasons, with prayer and petition we can rest assured he will reveal the reason why we are in each others lives, in time. Through discipleship we are to carry on the good work of the Lord and in doing so span out across our communities, cities, and the world to honor God.

Exploration of Scriptures

When God calls his people he calls us to act. We may be faced with adversity, harships, and trials but we serve a God that will aid in us carrying out this mission. As with Moses that was raised by Pharoahs daughter, was a murder and later became one of the greatest men that God used to deliver his people out of bondage, we all have a call to action. It is only when we align ourselves with the right people, and give ourselves over to God that we will be able to reach our promised land.
Upon our acceptance to walk with Christ will he begin to work in us through the holy spirit and shape us for his appointed purpose. We are then like the twelve described in Mark 4:14, able to go out and take God’s word to his people. We must be reminded that his word will never return void. One thing that is amazing about God is that he will and has used the least of us to do some of the greatest things for his glory. It is here in these scriptures that we find that Christ has given the disciples the power needed to carry out the job that he assigned them. Acts 4:13 remind us that God used the uneducated. If we look at the various stories of the Bible God has used liars, cheaters, murderers, prositutes, and even alduturers to carry out his call to action. His call of duty is far greater than any service organization that man has created for it was by his stripes that we were healed from our past transgressions. It is through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that we are