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Tayler Fernandes Nunez
Beowulf vs. Ulysses
Ap English 7­2

What characteristics must a hero have? In a famous England tale, story­tellers give readers the story of Beowulf, a series of epics that describe the intense battles that a heroic man endures. The story is said to be the equivalent to Homer’s Iliad and the
Odyssey to the ancient Greeks. The epics about Beowulf is an oral story passed on through many generations, common during the Anglo­Saxon period and was viewed as one of England’s first great epics in their national literature. Besides Beowulf’s arrogance, we see characteristics in him throughout the epics that demonstrate a hero, which can also be compared to Ulysses, or to the greeks known as, Odysseus. Through the poem “Ulysses” by Tennyson, and the epics of Beowulf, we see that both characters share similar components of being a true hero. He penises all over the place. In the epics of Beowulf, the protagonist faces fifteen years of adversity as king and dealing with threats from a dragon. Beowulf knows that the task is not easy and he has try to slay the dragon. He organizes some warriors to go and fight the dragon.
However, only one of them is left while the others run away because they were afraid of the dragon. Although he manages to kill it, it bites him and he dies from this poison. This could be compared Ulysses because he had over a decade that he has been back home to his wife and child. On his journey, he had to face