How Music Affects The Brain

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Effects of Music on the Brain
Music is beneficial to the brain in many ways. It helps with memory, boosts creativity and productivity. Music can go hand in hand with personality. Based on music choice one's personality can be guessed. Music has several effects on the brain most of them are good and useful. Music improves the quality of life (Alban, Copper, Sinicki).
Music can be beneficial in a person's work life by improving creativity and productivity when doing mundane tasks. It can be useful to listen to music helping move along the process. Music can make it easier to think and process the information given to them. Medium noise levels boost creativity and abstract thoughts, although if music is too loud it will do the opposite and impair creative thinking. It will be hard to focus on more than one thing if noise is too loud (Cooper).
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By playing an instrument or taking music lessons one can help fine tune some of their motor skills. Studies show that children who had music lessons tested better than children who did not take music lessons. They had an improved vocabulary, faster learning, and good nonverbal reasoning skills. Music improved brain connectivity for these children and proved to be beneficial (Alban,Cooper).
Music can bring back memories and help memorization. Many people remember their favorite song lyrics. Songs can bring back memories for people remembering the past and the first time they heard the song. They can bring back good or bad memories and you could feel sad and remember a song with an ex, or happy and remember listening to songs you loved years ago. Long term memory is in the same area as the brain so people that lose their memory can sometimes be helped in recalling memories