How To Be Aware Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Exam topics for 2014 (James O'Conner)

Topic 1

Be aware of Corporate social responsibility.

Be able to define why company should be socially responsible. (also be aware of what CSR involves, it's also important)

To deal with stakeholders and be aware of the various stakeholders study impacted on CSR.

Topic 2

Be aware of everything associated with the 7Ps of marketing.
4ps(product+price +place+promotion) + 3ps(people+physical evidence+process)
(4ps——by McCarthy; 3ps——by Booms and Bitner)

Topic "Tree"

Be aware of the various different types of outward and inward looking business strategy.

Topic 4

Be aware of highly and poorly motivated employees.

Be aware of impacts on both types.(Highly motivated highly competitors lead to organizational success and unmotivated or poorly motivated employees lead to organizational failure.)

Be aware of communication failure and be able to talk about 6 key aspects of communication.

Topic 5

Be aware of the various of 7 roles management performs and organizations.

Be aware of 6 economic indicators that affect country's economic performance.

Topic 6

Be aware of 3 operation activities (put in another way: 3 key activities involved in operations) .

Be aware of e-commerce and its impact on the many aspects of businesses that operate today.

Topic 7

Be aware of why businesses pursue a globe strategy.

Be aware of the pull and push factors associated with this particular globe strategy.

Be aware of 7 market entry strategies that specifically in