How To Be Hipster

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How to Be Hipster
TV Shows
Hipsters need to ensure that they have an in depth knowledge of what’s going on with all the latest television shows and what not. You will find that comedy/ drama shows are currently the trend so make sure you get your weekly fix of shows like Community or classics such as Friends because if you don’t you’ll be the one regretting it the next time your friends converse about Community’s classic moments or how good Jennifer Aniston looked in Episode 9 of Season2 as you won’t have a clue of what their talking about and that would be very awkward for you. In fact this very notion of being incapable of watching these shows goes against the core morals and beliefs of a hipster stands for and therefore you should either give up now or hurry up and start watching.
Social Life
For hipsters it is absolutely essential for you to befriend people with an equivalent level of popularity. You should tend to hang out with other fellow hipsters as everyone knows ‘brothers always stick together’ and in addition you won’t stand out as much with your ridiculously mainstream and often quirky clothing if you mingle and intertwine into a group that is equally so. Make sure however that you are on good relations with all of the jocks (even if they are arrogant to a point that they are their own living alter-ego) as it makes your life much easier both socially and physically. As you are often extremely self-obsessed with your image and appearance make sure you keep an album solely dedicated to the past trends of fashion by taking an endless amount of photos in your latest attire. However make sure that you squeeze your cheeks together in a duck-like shape known as a pout and take as many photos as you can where your face takes up at least 80% of the of the photograph.
If you are not one of those people with a snobby and arrogant nature you