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Peter Gendreau “It’s never too late” 1/29/13 Journal entry 1
Beginning college can have multiple meanings and overwhelming feelings for a freshman student. As young adults most students begin the preparation to soon become a college student. As seniors in high school, students are eagerly completing any task sent their way in order to graduate on time. With the idea of college, friends, parties, and leaving home and heading off to the adult world has never sounded so good. Unfortunately, college is not mandatory and not every student has the immediate option to attend.
I will always remember the day I came home from school and asked my father “why didn’t you go to college”? The response my father gave me was a direct response to my question, however hearing the response “because I had to work” never rang very clear to me. While walking to the bus stop the next day, I turned to my older sister who was a junior in high school at the time and asked her what she thought of college. Her response was “smart people go to college, so you probably shouldn’t go”. Being the annoying little brother, I was used to hearing her not so pleasant attitude so early in the morning. By the age of 14 I had a weekend job at the local burger king, by Starting work so early I could “buy the car I wanted” instead of getting the old truck my father used as a farm hand. At the age of 14 you are legally authorized to work less than thirty hours a week as long as it didn’t conflict with your school schedule. Fridays never came quick enough; I was hooked on making money. Eventually my grades began to slip, and my interest in school wasn’t what it should have been either. I continued to work throughout my high school years and eventually made the decision to withdraw myself from my senior year of high school. My excuse was “I had to work” and that excuse was easy for me to swallow because I had