How To Make Workplace Fun

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Ways to make leadership and workplace fun

The article I read is on changing to become an effective leader and making the workplace fun. The article tells us that companies want leaders that fit companies wants and able to inspire employees to get the best performance out of them. Employees are different from they way they were before and don’t want a leader that’s pushy and down their necks. Employees now want their leaders to be supportive of their ideas and be their to help no just be the one making commands. The author also goes on to say about an experience he had at an event where he heard a woman speaking on leadership, who she herself admitted that her leadership could be better by speaking out when she did not agree with a new method or way of doing something called “courageous leadership”. The author then goes on to say that to be a successful leader you must do these 6 things to make workplace fun. The first thing is to allow people to fail. That’s to say let your employees come up with new ways of doing things, whether that’s stocking boxes in a new way or using a different brand to clean something. Sometimes the new ideas will be good sometimes not be the employees see you trust them and they will be encouraged to try and find new good ideas. The second thing is to build teams’ that’s last. In todays workplace there is more of an emphasis on teams. Leaders need to build teams that are good in different areas. Like to build a good sports team you wouldn’t get guys of all one talent you would get different talents to hit all areas of the game and better optimize your team. The third thing he says which I believe to be huge in the workplace is being a great communicator; hold no secrets. As a leader always let everyone know what you are thinking (not everything) you don’t want your employees coming to you saying they didn’t know or it wasn’t communicated properly. Whichever way you decide is your best approach to communicating, stick to it. You don’t want to lose time because the team received messages at incorrect times or just incorrect messages. The fourth thing is don’t hide behind your title. This one is pretty simple yeah