How To Write A Car Wreck Essay

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Car Wreck

On the morning of March 17th, 2013 I received a call from my mom saying,” Your sister has been in a car wreck and I will call u back later when I know more information.’’ The rest of the day was nerve-racking because, I didn’t know how bad the wreck was or how bad my sister was injured. I received a call later that evening from my mom she sounded really sad.
She said,” Your sister was in a head on collision on the way back from her military training and she has to get reconstructive surgery done on her right knee and a rod put in her femur.”
When I saw pictures of her car I didn’t know how she was still alive. Her car was smashed in on the driver’s side, the tire was touching the seat and the steering wheel was bent from her head hitting it. I believe the only reason she is still with us is she was wearing here seat belt and it wasn’t her time to pass away. After I got off work at 1p.m. I headed over to the hospital she was at and when I got there she was already in surgery, she went in around 3p.m. and she didn’t get out until 7a.m. the next morning. It took the nurses about 15 minutes to get her to her room then I went up and saw her for a little bit before I had to go home. I had school that morning at 8a.m. and I didn’t think I was going to make it back in time for the first period but I managed. That week of school felt like forever and it was very hard on me, because every night after school I went and saw my sister for a bit and then came home so I