How To Write An Informative Speech

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SPEECH 1315: Informative Speech (Online)

Develop a speech to inform your audience based on one of the following categories: Report (inform) on a famous person (a past or present person).

Report (inform) on famous organization.

Provide information on a famous event (be specific).

As you research a topic, remember to document your sources for further possible reference. In preparing your speech, select an appropriate introduction and conclusion. Your speech should demonstrate clear organization. The organizational format should be designed to increase audience interest and retention of the message. The speaker must select and incorporate a visual aid that to visually enhances and supports their presentation (25 points). Pay careful attention to see that the topic is adapted to the audience and the occasion. The topic should be well researched as evidenced by strong supporting materials. Remember to choose a topic that you can present in 4 to 6 minutes. At the time of delivery, you will turn in a typed final outline with a bibliography or reference section, worth 25 points. The following is a list of informative speech guidelines:

Turn in a typed outline with a bibliography or reference section (See specific details listed below)
Time limit - 4 to 6 minutes.
You may only use 1 - 3X5 index card to assist you during the presentation
You must incorporate a visual aid(s) *
Be ready to speak - no late speeches!!!!

This project is worth 150 points. (See the attached detailed evaluation form I will use to grade your speech) Speech evaluation = 100 points Typed final outline = 25 points Visual Aid = 25 points

* You may use Microsoft PowerPoint for extra credit. (See specific details listed below)

PowerPoint for Extra Credit: (20 points)
Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to support your speech.
Clearly identify your speech title and your name.
Your slides may include photos, graphs, or tables, etc., for support.
Either bring your completed Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in person (Option #1) or submit to the ASSIGNMENTS FOLDER (Options #2 or #3) by October 5, 2014.

Speech outline: - Your outline should contain the following information:
A clearly identified speech title and your name.
An introduction (Use complete sentences)
A body – 2 to 3 Main points (include relevant definitions, examples and other forms of support) (Use complete sentences)
A conclusion (Use complete sentences)
Use a minimum of three (3) different types of complete references or citations for the bibliography or reference section in either APA or MLA format.
All text should be 12 point font and written using a standard font.
Margins should be one inch on all sides.
Bring your outline in person (Option #1), include with your videotaped or recorded speeches (Option #2) or submit to the ASSIGNMENTS FOLDER (Option#2 or #3) by October 5, 2014. (Outlines must be in one of the following formats: Rich Text Format (.rtf), MS Word 97-2003 (.doc), MS Word 2007 or 2010 (.docx)). (see the speech presentation options below)

Speech Presentation Options: (Select an option that works for you)
Option #1: Come in person to the Eastfield College campus and present your speeches in person. I have attached a schedule of dates and times when I will be available on campus for speech presentations. You must contact me in advance to schedule a day and time for your presentations (The schedule fill-up quickly). If you are unable to attend your session you will need to contact me as soon as possible to make alternate arrangements. Presentation outlines and visual aids are due the day you present your speech. (See the speech schedule below)

Option #2: Record your speech and send or deliver it to the address listed below. This option requires that you have access to the proper recording and/or computer equipment. Further, this option requires