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General note: Use definitions and quotes from the internet “…” Use footnotes, then full reference in the table on the last page.
Introduction paragraph
Explain what is the topic of your report and what you will try to achieve in your report

(This could be done at the end)

Shotover Jet 2001
Photo of the webpage
What was happening in the world in the world that is related to your website?
Economic situation, type of businesses
Technology – find out how many people had Internet in NZ (compare it with today’s data); how expensive and internet speed; which computer systems were popular, which programs were used to develop a website, which tools were used to do animations, sound… (compare it with today’s tools), costs of hardware and software, Internet; what types of website were most common; did designers know anything about the design principles, did they apply them.
Design Elements and Principles
Which design elements have been used (tables, images, lines, shapes, shadows, animations…)
Analyse which design principles have been used and what has been achieved with that design principles, how successfully (colour, size, fonts, balance, eye flow-Guttenberg diagram- layout, CRAP, images: size and quality…)
-Technology used to develop this site - were there many websites,
- were there lots of competition in the same business (compare it with what is happening now),
- what were the common ways of advertising (radio, tv, newspapers in comparison with now)