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Lesson 1 Case Study
The New Job
Flavia Ana M. Guez
MS510: Human Resources Management
Professor Ira T. Lovich
May 09, 2015 The New Job
An up and coming small sized company that provides marketing support for other companies is at a point where the work load is overpowering the limited number of employees. The essential and main processes are under control while daily administrative tasks are being postponed due to a lack of time and personnel. The best strategy to approach is to extend the company with at least one extra position in order to recruit and hire a person who will coordinate all the office and administration duties while the other employees improve business presence and performance and work on accomplishing long-term objectives.
Job Creation Recommendation After analyzing the business aspects that require attention and solutions, I have concluded that the creation of a new Administrative Assistant job position is a correct decision in order to fluidize the workflow within the department and increase overall department performance. Such position would enhance effectiveness by providing administrative support with tasks such as reading, researching, and routing correspondence; drafting letters and documents; tracking accounts payable from clients and handling accounts payable to the service providers; collecting and analyzing information; maintaining appointment schedules by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, and travel; preparing reports by collecting and analyzing information; maintaining office supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipating needed supplies; placing and expediting orders for supplies and verifying receipt of supplies.
Employees Competencies Required The ideal candidate for this position should possess a set of skills that include the ability to work methodically and accurately. Strong oral and written communication skills along with good reporting skills are also necessary. The candidate should have a strong knowledge of specific software and hardware. The position requires knowledge of travel logistics. Time management and scheduling skills are also required for the Administrative Assistant position. These skills and qualifications would recommend a candidate for this position and vouch for their success in the field because it is a position that requires organizational and team working skills more than specific industry qualifications.
Ideas For New Position
Because it is not a sales position per se, performance plan measure will be both objective based on the actual tasks completed and subjective and qualitative, based on the person’s cooperative, organizational and communication skills. In order to attract and engage the employee and ensure the retention of high performance, we will approach a pay for performance culture. We will also implement a spot-award culture to help reinforce performance culture.
Challenges for Recommended Job Position As an Administrative Assistant, the role is to support multiple tasks and people concurrently. One of the biggest challenges comes from the fact that everyone`s request will be presented as urgent but not all can be first. Prioritizing while maintaining a good atmosphere within the office is also a challenge that can be encountered in this position. Another challenge that may arise is liaising with other departments when necessary