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Career Portfolio
By: Berry Fountain

A. Job Analysis

1. The first job I chose to prepare a job analysis for is a High School Teacher. To become a high school teacher there are many things you need to know before you start teaching. First, you must have interning experience with a teaching. This shows that you have been shown in some way that you have put forth the effort of wanting to be a teacher and caring about what teachers do. Second, usually teacher make about 53,000 dollars per year which is not bad pay if you are just starting to teach, but the longer you teach the more money you can make over long period of time. In order to become a teacher you must have at least a bachelor’s degree, from a community college or university and all pubic schoolteachers must have a state-issued certification or license to teach. The responsibilities of being a teacher are extensive, you must be willing to put the needs of others before you own, not only because they are younger but because they are vulnerable. Teacher’s are responsible for not only taking care of their students but also grading papers, making lesson plans, making tests and so much more. It is necessary for teachers to have leadership skills because without being a leader it is hard to teach anyone, let alone high school students. It is a teacher’s job to make sure that their students are prepared for life after graduation, whether it is in college or in the workforce. The number of jobs for high school teachers is over 1 million. This means that there is an abundance of teachers as well as there always be more children to increase the number of teachers. The work environment of a teacher is extremely stressful because there are always so many children to take care of. For example, I observed at the University Lab School one semester and there were so many children that the teacher had a hard time making sure everyone’s questions were answered. One of the great things about becoming a teacher is their schedule. Their schedules are the same as the students, so when it comes to holidays there is always a break and teachers have most of the summer of as well. Teachers are so important because they are the future. They are teaching the children that are going to be CEO’s, President’s, and so much more.


2. The second job I chose to prepare a job analysis for is a Registered Nurse. To become a registered nurse there are many things you need to go through. You are required to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a associates degree in nursing, or a diploma from a nursing program. In the job market today it is easier to get a nursing job if you have an associate’s degree. Also, registered nurses must become licensed by passing a national nursing license exam. The average may of a registered nurse is about 65,000 dollars per year or around 30 dollars an hour. There are many jobs in nursing, almost three million. Nursing is such a great job to go into because there may not always be a need to work at McDonald’s because it will not always be around but people are always going to need health care. Nurses have an extensive work environment because they can work almost anywhere. For example, nurses can work in hospitals, home healthcare services, physician’s offices, and summer camps, with the military, in high schools, correctional facilities, and so many more. Registered nurses do many things including: providing and coordinating patient care, educating people and patients about health conditions, and most importantly providing advice and emotional support for people with health conditions.
B. Resume