Hrm in Toyota Essay

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Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Toyota background
3. Toyota production analysis
4. Toyota and globalization
5. Toyota and HRM
6. Ethical issues and globalization
7. Conclusion
8. References

Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturers in the modern world. In fact, this multinational corporation has become the leading car manufacturer replacing the world leader General Motors which has remained on the first position within several decades. Obviously, this is a tremendous success for a Japanese company that was founded in 1937 and became the leading company of the world automobile market. Nowadays the company is one of the most influential players in the world market.
In terms of this research, it is
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It is worthy of mention that Toyota traditionally paid a lot of attention to the main trends in the global market since it was practically always oriented on the international markets since the local, Japanese market could not physically consume such amount of products supplied by Toyota and it could not provide the company with the leading position in global terms.

Toyota production analysis
Toyota is a well-known car manufacturer and, naturally, the company attempts to spread its products worldwide. This is why Toyota sales its cars in many countries of the world and it is a well-known brand, while its cars are popular in different parts of the world.
Today, Toyota has its plants manufacturing and assembling cars not only in countries, which are traditional target markets for its products, such as the US, Australia, South-Eastern Asia, the EU, but it also actively enters markets of other countries of the world, including China, Argentina, Mexico, and others (Volti, 2005). This means that Toyota attempts to develop its production chain worldwide or, to put it more precisely, the company has already realized that the ignorance of the potential of new markets can lead to the negative consequences to the market position of Toyota in the world market. What is meant here is the fact that the company heavily relies on its strategy of international markets expansion. As a