Hsco1 Unit 1: Identification Of Sectors

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Unit 1

Effective caring and communication

Identification of sectors

In this section I will be introducing the different sectors also talk about my chosen care sector. In health and social care there are three main sectors which consist of:
Social sector
Health sector
Children and young people sector

My chosen sector is health sector, health sector consist of services which proved care for patients who need them also there are services which are available to their specific needs. Health services don’t always have to be medical it can also be psychological and physical help without medication. The NHS (National Health Service) comes under health sector because it’s a source of health care. There are different types of health services e.g. private. Dentists are one example of private health sector and you also have public health sector. The NHS service is free and is open to everyone. The CUH (Croydon University hospital) is one example of NHS; this service is public and offers all kinds of care.
A small introduction of the hospital itself:
Croydon Health Services promises the people of Croydon we are always “Here for you”. We promise everyone, whether in hospital, in the community or at home, we will do our best to ensure you feel cared for, in safe hands and confident in your treatment. We want you to feel we value your time and that our services are getting better all the time, as we continue to improve.

Croydon General Hospital was opened in 1876. After a while the hospital was renamed to mayday road hospital however which got changed again to CUH (Croydon university hospital). CUH provides varies amounts of care for the local and everyone outside it. CUH ensures that everyone gets fair and effective amount of care. At CUH there is around 3,500 available staff for a population of 360,000 people. Nearly 120,000 people attend the Accident and Emergency department each year. There are over 500 beds available at CUH for the patients.

The development of different departments:

Mayday Hospital including the Chest and Eye Clinic in 1954
Pathology and Outpatients in 1966
Pharmacy and X-Ray in 1967
Accident and Emergency in 1969 (replaced in 1996 and modernised and expanded several times since)
The Surgical Block in 1984
Main entrance in 1997
Energy Centre in 1999

Croydon University Hospital contact details:
Tel: 020 8401 3000 Fax: 020 8665 9428
Address: 530 London Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 7YE
Website: http://www.croydonhealthservices.nhs.uk/
Email: comms@croydonhealth.nhs.uk

The NHS trust income is mainly spent on equipment and goes towards the clinical services also training and extra education. All their income goes towards ways in improving their service. At NHS there are limited private facilities. There has been some fundraising set up under the name mayday hospital; these funds are usually given by patients which is voluntary. Croydon Colorectal Cancer Charity is one type of charity that funds Croydon university hospital. These funds help CUH to improve their treatments. Winter is also another type of production that donates extra funds to help out local health service CUH. Apart from taxation the NHS is funded by the government which would mean wealth status would not affect you accessing this service. The NHS is available to all UK residents.

Care setting is a place where you would get care that is suitable for you. There are different types of care settings. Care settings can proceed outside a unit or a hospital for instant for emergency reasons or the comfort of your home however it depends on how series the situation is.

examples of health care setting:

Mobile clinic
Nursing homes

These care setting are designed due to individual needs everyone is different so they would fit into different categories in order for them to get the most effective care possible. Most of these care settings are a part of the NHS however if you need more