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Unit 03Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care workplace
Unit code: K/601/1569
Module Tutor: Susan Goodwin/ Anthony Byrne
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Date Issued: 27th January 2015

Unit Introduction
Health and safety is an essential consideration for all practitioners in health and social care and this unit will enable learners to develop an understanding of the importance of continually monitoring the implementation of health and safety legislation and policies within any health and social care setting.
Learners will gain a clear understanding of the implications of relevant legislation for their own role and the implementation of policies and systems in their own workplace. The importance of record keeping, monitoring and review health and safety policies and procedures will also be considered.

Assessment Schedule...

Assignment Title

Assessment Method
Criteria Covered
Final Submission Dates
Task One: Legislation in context


23rd March 2015
Task two: Assessing the risk

Risk assessment
Care Plan Information Sheet

23rd March 2015

Task Three: How well do the systems work

23rd March 2015

Task One: Legislation in context (1.1 and 1.2, 2.3)

You are the manager of a new adult day care center called Graceland, for older adults with dementia and Alzheimers disease that need mental and social stimulation. As well as excellent care, service users benefit from regular activities, good quality food, trips out and visits from speakers and musicians. You have recently engaged new staff and you need to produce a handout on the implementation of legislation in the workplace.

Your handout will be used as part of the induction process for the new recruits.

Task two: Assessing the risk (1.3 and 2.1)

Your next duty is to consider the health and safety priorities in a basic risk assessment of a new patient called Ted Jenkins at Graceland day care center.

Study Ted Jenkins profile on the form and identify his health and safety priorities within Graceland day care center.

Task Three: How well do the systems work (2.3 and 3.1)


It is a very hot sunny day and Ted decides to go out and sit in the garden. You ask him to put on sunscreen before but he says no. There is a sun protection policy in place and you explain to him that as he does not go out often in the sun his skin would burn easily so you suggest he wear a hat and a long sleeved shirt instead. Ted still refused and still wants to go out and is getting increasingly frustrated with you.

You are concerned about Ted’s ability to understand what will happen if he goes out in the garden without protecting himself from the sun.

Criteria Mapping
1.1 review systems, policies and procedures for communicating information on health and safety in the health and social care workplace in accordance with legislative requirements
Unit 1 2.2 explain how legislation, charters and codes of practice impact on the communication process in health and social care
1.2 assess the responsibilities in a specific health and social care workplace for the management of health and safety in relation to organisational structures

1.3 analyse health and safety priorities appropriate for a specific health and social care workplace

2.1 analyse how information from risk assessments informs care planning for individuals and organisational decision making about policies and procedures

2.2 analyse the impact of one aspect of health and safety policy on health and social care practice and its customers
Unit 9 4.2 evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures within a health and social care setting for administering medication.
Covered in Unit 9 Assignment brief
2.3 discuss how dilemmas encountered in relation to implementing