Hugh Hefner Essay examples

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Hugh Hefner was an extraordinary innovator, entrepreneur and revolutionist. The sex obsessed pop culture and generation can recognize the seed of its foundation for being planted by a man who chose to do as he wished. Still yet to be uprooted despite its negative nature, the media has embraced sex as a great advertisement. Hugh Hefner fits into a special category of leadership called transformational. Transformational leaders enhance their followers’ morale and performance through various avenues and that’s exactly what Mr. Hefner completed. In a world where public indecency was frowned upon and sexual behaviors were kept behind closed doors, Hugh Hefner did the unthinkable. Although Hefner was successful in his career, he was not always …show more content…
While on the side of morality you have a man that made a country lustful mainstream sex addicts. The real question is that what can you classify Mr. Hefner as; pseudo transformational or transformational?
Was his personal achievement worth the so called “perversion” of media? In the business aspect, sex is the most widely used form of advertising since the release of Playboy and yes it sells. The term sex sells means as true statement. People want to feel sexy and the want to feel attractive, so if a product is conveying that message then why not buy it? The level of sexual content in advertisements has definitely got out of control since the 60s but there are more channels of communication in media now. Some individuals may say that Mr. Hefner is not responsible for everybody’s’ actions. The opposition could say that leaders, especially transformational ones are the ground breakers and innovators who people follow. It is true that Hefner brought change to marketing and media because that’s what transformational leaders do; they bring change.
Other than his external impact on society as a businessman Hugh Hefner’s internal love for his employees will always be remembered. The famous Playboy mansion is home to all of Hefner’s employees if wanted. Each Playboy bunny is given a salary and has virtually no living expenses under Hefner’s management. While living in the playboy mansion, institutional collectivism is greatly